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Thousands and thousands of years ago, we didn’t have the benefit of doctors and man-made medicines to cure our illnesses. People healed themselves using natural remedies from the land, with roots, seeds, fruits, vegetables, leaves, herbs and plants.

It was completely natural to forage for exactly the right plant or root, to create a potion or salve to treat whatever ailment presented itself. In fact, people with knowledge of herbs and other flora were often held in high esteem for their diagnostic skills and the miracles they worked.

Over time, nature’s remedies fell out of fashion, replaced by increasingly sophisticated drugs which were seen to cure illnesses and ailments more rapidly and effectively. Those with herbal knowledge were then seen as a bit quirky, maybe a little odd and possibly even as charlatans!

But did you know that many common drugs are derived or synthesised from plants? For example, some cancer treatments come from yew trees while the contraceptive pill was originally developed from a constituent found in yams. Isn’t it amazing that products we see as very far from natural are in fact founded in nature?!

Today, people are starting to question the increasing use of drugs, which seem to be readily available and possibly over-prescribed. While there is definitely a place for these remedies, more people are turning away from some modern medicines because of reported side-effects and the synthetic nature of the products.

So, if you are one of those people who want things to be as natural as possible then look no further than nature’s medicine cabinet, which is well-stocked, accessible and low-cost!

Home-Made Remedies

The great thing about herbal remedies is that they can be made by you at home, with just a few simple pieces of equipment such as glass jars and bottles, and the wealth of information on herbal medicine that is available on the internet and in books. Or you may prefer to consult a herbalist who can make remedies for you.

A herbalist uses modern-day herbal medicine to take a holistic view of your diet, lifestyle and medical history to get to the root cause of any illness.  If, for example, you experience a headache, this can have many causes – hormones, dehydration, tension, poor digestion, to name a few. You might reach for a painkiller to take away the pain, but it probably won’t address the underlying issue.

Herbal medicine looks at dietary or lifestyle changes that might be needed to get you back to optimum health and uses natural products to treat the underlying cause or causes.

The uses that you can make of nature’s produce are varied and include infusions and teas, decoctions, tinctures, vinegars, syrups, gargles, cordials, steam inhalations, honeys, herbal baths, oils and balms, compresses and poultices. The list is endless!

What’s more, herbs and plants are so versatile and can be used topically or taken internally to cure a range of ailments, or just to keep you in tip-top condition! And you can store them for several months in most cases.

Plants such as hawthorn, linden blossom and motherwort can be made into a tea which is helpful for your circulation, lowering cholesterol and generally soothing your nerves. It’s great for stressed-out people!

You could make a tincture from elderberries, echinacea root, eucalyptus leaves, mushrooms and vodka to boost your immune system.

Or perhaps you would like a relaxing herbal bath made from Epsom salts, linden blossom, lavender essential oil and rose essential oil? These combine beautifully to release physical tension.

Medicinal Cooking

You can also use everyday herbs in your cooking to fight off ailments.  You may already be aware that garlic is great for keeping coughs, colds and flu at bay. But did you know that dill can help combat colic in babies, that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, or that parsley can help with anaemia? Or perhaps your herb of choice might be sage, which can help with mouth ulcers and hot flushes? Or thyme, which can help to treat urinary infections?

Whatever your ailment, there is a natural remedy available. That’s the amazing thing about nature. Everything found naturally on this planet has a medical benefit which is why they are part of the Earth – they are there to provide you with the sustenance that you need.  There are simply hundreds of uses for roots, herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables. And when two or more plants or herbs are combined, the results can be even more effective.

You might be looking to treat burns or eczema, improving digestion, releasing stress, anxiety or tension, helping bruises and cuts to heal, pain relief, improving hair and nail strength, reducing the effects of arthritis or combating insomnia. There are natural remedies all around you--too many to list here!

So, the next time you feel an ailment coming on, why not visit nature’s medicine cabinet and heal yourself naturally?

You can be sure that Nature’s Finest products are made from natural ingredients that utilise their healing properties for your body’s benefit. If you’d like to view our products and their ingredients, please click here to be taken directly to our shopping page. Plus, we’re always eager to answer any questions about our products. Feel free to get in touch.

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