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Magnesium Oil Spray


The essential relaxation and "feel better" mineral.

Magnesium is quite simply the most important mineral in the body. As the lifeblood of our energy systems, Magnesium is crucial for every cell in our bodies to function properly, particularly the muscles (including the heart), joints and nerves. There are over 300 biochemical reactions and cellular functions within the human body that require magnesium.

Magnesium Oil is absorbed by the skin (our largest organ) directly to the cells. This is by far the best way to increase magnesium levels. Delivery of magnesium via the skin bypasses the digestive tract and makes it more bioavailable, meaning that the majority of it gets exactly to where it is needed without being changed or wasted, and without the risk of overdoing it. Our bodies self-regulate and only absorb what they need. Along with magnesium, it also provides chloride to the body, which is necessary for a healthy digestive system.

Nature's Finest Magnesium Oil Spray can help with poor sleep, muscle cramps and pain, anxiety, low energy and lack of concentration.

Made from the highest quality, all-natural Magnesium Chloride sourced from the Dead Sea with no additives. Nature’s Finest pure Magnesium Oil is available in three sizes to suit all needs and help you start increasing your magnesium levels now.

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