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Palmarosa Toner

Palmarosa Toner - Nature's Finest By K

With Aloe Vera to soothe, essential oils of Palmarosa to keep skin soft and hydrated, and Carrot Seed to tone the skin, this lovely Astringent Toner leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth without dryness.

Some of the benefits of using a gentle toner include the following:

  • Removes excess oil
  • Gently rehydrates the skin
  • Helps balance Ph levels of your skin
  • Tightens pores

Our Palmarosa Astringent Toner is especially suited for normal to oily skin. Packaged in a convenient & elegant 60ml spray bottle.

Ingredients: witch hazel, aloe vera, palmarosa essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, myrrh essential oil, german blue chamomile essential oil.

*Caution is advised during pregnancy, as is the case with all essential oils. Check with your healthcare professional if in doubt, to see if this product is suitable for you.

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