About Nature's Finest Skincare

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” No saying is more apt for explaining how Nature’s Finest Skincare was created.

None of this was actually planned at all, it started out of sheer desperation!

As do most mothers, I was trying my best when it came to caring for my son. But he was ill with various troubles that challenged this first-time mum to the extreme. I watched and waited as “professionals” and doctors shared numerous recommendations and prescribed medications to assist. Despite our cooperation, we weren’t seeing results and the side effects far outweighed any benefit that happened to peek through.

However, the experts advised me to persist, so I did--with gritted teeth and an uneasy feeling. Finally, I came to a breaking point and decided that just because certain people think something is the best or only option, doesn’t mean it is! I had tried it their way, but it didn’t work for us. I was fed up with being told there were no other options. I refused to believe that, so began to search for alternatives.

The Quest Begins

I started researching for hours and hours every day. All of my spare time was taken up soaking in as much information as possible about all sorts of NATURAL REMEDIES.
Before long, my family got used to the endless changes to our lifestyle, our home, our diet, and our household and personal care products. We all felt better and happier for it, too! This experience taught me that sometimes you need a variety of holistic changes to help a situation rather than a “band aid solution”.

One Solution Leads to Many

One of the more minor problems my son had was nose bleeds, right from when he was a baby. We saw GPs and specialists and tried numerous times to have it cordorised but nothing was working. Then we tried using short-term ointment that was high in strong medication, but that didn’t fix it either.
With the new knowledge I had acquired through my research, I was able to make him a basic balm to soothe and heal it naturally. It worked so much better! I've since fine-tuned my recipe to have maximum healing herbs and have called it HERBAL HEALING BALM. It's now a staple in our house, for just about everything.

The Most Amazing Discovery

The most invaluable discovery through this journey is the benefits we have had from our MAGNESIUM OIL SPRAY.
Every person in the family has been helped in a different way from the use of this essential mineral, which is delivered in such a quick and convenient way. It has helped with migraines, sleep, stress, muscle pain, arthritis, concentration, keratosis pilaris, cramps and more. It's shocking to me that not everyone knows about Magnesium Oil and its benefits--so it's my aim to spread the word and help as many other people feel better as possible.

From Hopeless to Helpful

The desperate situations that once left me thoroughly stressed and feeling hopeless, were turned around by challenging the status quo! I took the best bits of advice from everyone I spoke with and from the information I read. Then I discarded the rest. What started out as a journey of anguish and despair, has developed into a magnificent passion that drives me every day--a burning desire to help others, beyond my family. Every product is handmade with loving energy to nourish the mind, body and soul--because that makes all the difference.

So that’s the story behind Nature’s Finest Skincare products. I hope my journey of discovering them to help my family, will help yours too.

Karen Filer
Founder, Nature’s Finest Skincare