Gentle Baby & Toddler Wash

Gentle Baby & Toddler Wash - Nature's Finest By K

Parents everywhere have one vital thing in common: the desire to protect and care for their little ones with love. Something that brings us concern is the vast array of harsh chemicals that come into contact with our children’s skin.

Nature’s Finest has the perfect solution for you and your little ones! We know you want only the best for your precious gifts. That is why we have crafted our Gentle Baby and Toddler Wash with Frankincense and Myrrh.

There are many extensive benefits to both mind and body from Frankincense and Myrrh. They have been renowned all through history for their healing and protective properties. When blended, they make a perfect combination with properties worth more than gold.

This mild formula has been designed to be gentle and loving to sensitive skin. It comes in a stylish 240ml pyramid bottle with a convenient pump for the perfect amount of wash every time. No need for that third hand to deal with caps or lids! Our Gentle Baby & Toddler wash is suitable for bubs 3m+, toddlers & kids (just a tad needed for little ones).

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