Herbal Healing Balm


Our Herbal Healing Balm (15g) is a 100% all natural balm formulated with specific herbs that individually serve to soothe and relieve itches and irritations from a wide range of common issues: insect bites, dryness, eczema, dermatitis, minor allergies and rashes. It is also great as a lip balm or as bub’s nappy rash cream.

The process for crafting this incredible formula includes gently warming organic virgin coconut oil and infusing it for several weeks with the following healing organic herbs: 

- Comfrey
- Plantain
- Yarrow
- Nettle
- Calendula petals

Then we carefully blend it with cocoa butter, shea butter and natural beeswax that has been sourced straight from the beekeeper. Our new formula is jam-packed with double the herbs -- simply unbeatable herbal strength!

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